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The Efficient Mail Submission and Delivery Organization

Efficient Mail Submission and Delivery

Home of Internet RFC-2524

An open protocol for mobile and wireless messaging

An alternative to WAP when patent-freedom matters

An alternative to SMTP when efficiency matters

Combining Internet E-mail and two-way paging

Operation WhiteBerry: Open BlackBerry and More

Adhering to the principles of the Free Protocols Foundation.
A component of the Lightweight & Efficient Application Protocol (LEAP)
A public service of Neda Communications, Inc.


(a) that wireless data networks are converging, and will continue to converge, on Internet Protocol (IP);
(b) that two-way paging is the dominant application for wide-area wireless networks;
(c) that a set of open protocols is required to enable the convergence of the Two-Way Paging industry and the Internet E-Mail industry;
(d) that existing Internet e-mail protocols do not provide the bandwidth efficiency required for wireless applications;
(e) that existing Internet e-mail protocols do not support the "push" model for delivery of time-critical messages,

Efficient Mail Submission & Delivery (EMSD) has been designed to enable the convergence of IP-based Two-Way Paging, and Internet E-Mail. EMSD is an open, efficient, Internet messaging protocol that is highly optimized for short messages. is an open organization for the development and maintenance of the EMSD protocol. also facilitates interoperability testing among implementations of EMSD, and promotes the use of products and services based on EMSD.

EMSD is intended to be a patent-free protocol. To this end, fully subscribes to the patent-free principles and procedures of the Free Protocols Foundation.

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